Doom Backstage Series Founders Brewing Barrel-Aged Triple IPA Founders Brewing

Doom Backstage Series Founders Brewing, Barrel-Age Imperial (Triple) IPA

(C) 2017 popsonhops

Tasting: June 3, 2017
Style: American Triple / Imperial IPA
Beer #: 1,066
ABV: 12.4%

Founders Doom, Barrel-Aged Imperial IPA

There have been 14 different releases in Founders Backstage Series. The series features pub favorites reproduced for the masses. And by masses, I mean the select few that get their names on lists; get to a beer store minutes after the truck leaves or find a dusty one in a store that should never have had it in the first place.

This particular beer was originally released in 2013 and was the sixth original beer in the series. A vacation kept me from acquiring a bottle the first time around. Tough call there, vacation? or beer run? I heard awesome things about Doom and I’m happy that they obliged with an encore.

In case you were wondering, here is the current log of Backstage Series releases:

1. Blushing Monk (2011, 2015) 88 points
2. Canadian Breakfast Stout (2011) 98 points
3. Curmudgeon’s Better Half (2012) 95 points
4. Frangelic Mountain Brown (2012) 90 points
5. Bolt Cutter (2012) 95 points
6. Doom (2013, 2017)
7. Mango Magnifico (2013, 2016) 82 points
8. Sweet Repute (2013) have a bottle ready to open.
9. Smoked Porter (2014) no interest.
10. Dissenter (2014) 93 points
11. Big Lushious (2014) 89 points
12. Project Pam (2015) 89 points
13. Redankulous (2015) 88 points
14. Lizard of Koz (2016) Big and boozy, had one on New Year’s Eve. No review, another in the cellar. Stay tuned.

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Short and sweet summary. I expected and got a lot of hop resin. Rock solid booziness and thick syrupy mouthfeel. In conclusion, 91 points.

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